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Kim Dotcom AKA Kim Schmitz Net Worth

How rich is Kim Dotcom?

Kim Dotcom net worth:
$1 Million

Kim Dotcom information

Kim Dotcom information

Birth date: January 21, 1974
Birth place: Kiel, Germany
Height:6 ft 6 in (2 m)
Profession:Programmer, Businessperson
Spouse:Mona Dotcom (m. 2009)
Children:Keera Dotcom, Kaylo Dotcom, Kylee Dotcom, Kimmo Dotcom, Kobi Dotcom

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Kim Dotcom net worth & biography:

Kim Dotcom net worth: Kim Dotcom, also called Kim Schmitz, is an internet entrepreneur and many notably the creator of Megaupload.com that has a net worth of $1 million. Kim has experienced some extreme highs plus some extreme lows including a conviction for tax evasion. He’s now confronting a possible 55 year prison sentence for running Megaupload.com. Megaupload has supposedly cost the entertainment industry over $500 million in damages from pirated content being uploaded and shared via the website. If convicted, not only could he spend decades behind bars, however he can also be made to hand over $175 million in ill gotten gains. In November 2014, Kim declared he was “formally broke”. He asserts he lost the bulk of his fortune when his assets were captured in July 2014. He’s also spent a small fortune defending himself over the past year , and it has transferred remaining assets out of his name to safeguard them from prosecution. He possessed a fleet of high-priced high performance automobiles, yachts, private jets plus among the most high-priced houses in New Zealand that cost a reported $25 million. Schmitz is apparently 6 foot 7 and weighs over 330 pounds. Click the link to take a look at our gallery of Kim Dotcom’s insanely lavish lifestyle, the mind will probably be blown.

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