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Rosely Schweizer Net Worth

Rosely Schweizer Net Worth: Rosely Schweizer is the earliest of the eight billionaire heirs to the Oetker bundle that has been rolled up on baking and pudding powder. Now broadly diversified, Dr Oetker has added new food products and grown into drinks, in addition to container transport, financial services and …

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Marshal Mathers Net Worth

Marshal Bruce Mathers II, also called Eminem or Slim Shady, is a leading American rapper, songwriter, record producer and an occasional celebrity. Besides his solo career this rapper performs as one section of the duet Bad Meets Evil and along with a hip hop group D12. Marshall got prominence in …

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Kon Artis Net Worth

Kon Artis net worth: Kon Artis is an American rapper and record producer with a net worth of $2 million. Kon was part of the Detroit rap group D12 until he went solo in the year 2012. Artis rejoined D12 in 2014. The record reached #1 in the United States …

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Carl Ferdinand Oetker Net Worth

As among the heirs to the Oetker bundle, Carl Ferdinand Oetker received his part of the household riches constructed on baking and pudding powder. Dr. Oetker, still the source of his fortune, is now a generally diversified holding company that employs around 26,000 individuals and creates some $15 billion in …

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